Get rid of the paperwork.

You can avoid mountains of paperwork and headaches by outsourcing reporting and record keeping to our team of our team of accessible, caring professionals. You’ll no longer have monthly deposits, quarterly reports and annual filings as the PEO handles it all. 

Do you need payroll job costing, Payroll department billing or any other payroll reports? They are included at no additional cost.

Social Security


Federal & State unemployment taxes

mandatory OSHA Compliance reporting

Quarterly Filings

Don’t get bogged down. Put our knowledge team to work for you. 

Anything from individual payroll records broken down by the week, month, quarter or year is no problem, and is provided for no additional fee.

accountant with headache

Get the Picture?

Payroll and Tax reporting are one part of many government required reports a company must file. If you don’t have an HR Department, who is assisting you with these. 

We can help. Contact us today. 

Save on your tax returns.

Because the PEO provides a one page summary of wages, taxes, etc. for the 52 week period, your accountant or tax preparer shouldn’t charge as much to prepare your taxes. All the payroll tabulation is done for them. All they have to do is enter the numbers.


Let us manage your payroll so you can worry about running your business.